Reviews Page

This is where i will post my reviews of things.

i've always thought that reading a bunch of one person's opinions is way more helpful than aggregating a bunch of review scores. if you read wnough of a person's writing, you get a sense of how they react to and think about stuff, which lets you read a review and then make a pretty good guess as to what your reaction might be to the thing. whereas stuff like metacritic and rotten tomatoes basically rewards crowd-pleasing stuff exclusively which is not always bad but often leaves the really interesting stuff with a mediocre-to-failing grade which can deter people who might otherwise love it.

anyway that's a lot of words basically saying nothing but i need a space to get my thoughts out and this is the ideal forum, since there's a chance someone might see it which gives me an incentive to write well, but realistically nobody will ever visit this site so i don't have to stress about it.