Here are some things on the Internet that I think are pretty great.

The Obscuritory
Great blog on underappreciated and overlooked games of the past
Site for user-generated Connecting Wall puzzles - incredibly good timewaster if you're into word games
Wiby Classic Web Search Engine
Search engine exclusively for Web 1.0 sites - great for digging through Neo/Geocities and related stuff
Random Bandcamp Album
Bandcamp is a great site for music discovery on its own but sometimes sorting through everything can get a bit overwhelming - I've found some pretty cool stuff with this
Contains a number of 3d map renders ripped from video games

Art you should check out

Jay Tholen
Creator of incredible 90s internet sim Hypnospace Outlaw and champion of all that is cool and good about online
Motern Media
Matt Farley is the world's most prolific novelty songwriter and the director/star of some of my favorite home-baked monster movies ever. Please check out "Don't Let The Riverbeast Get You!" if nothing else (as of writing this it's available to stream for free on Tubi)
Analgesic Productions
My favorite indie studio. What they've accomplished with only 2 people inspires me to no end. Please check out Anodyne 2 it's so good
The Beths
I love this band. They play some of the best power pop songs I've ever heard and they're only getting started. Fingers crossed their NA tour next year doesn't get canceled!!